Current students studying Insight Herbalism

At the core of all our practices is relationship. Relationship to plant and relationship to self. Through these relationships we help you open the doors to nature-inspired insight and support you on inner journeys of exploration and healing. Our Foundation is unique in the degree to which we encourage and celebrate diversity of practice – from artists to bodyworkers, foragers to therapists, ritualists to growers and garden designers, our students all follow their own passion.

All members have completed or are completing a core 1000 hour training in Insight Herbalism, follow our code of ethics and are fully insured.

Charlotte’s work is about supporting people to find their connection to nature. She is now training in Insight Herbalism to complement her foraging and wild education work.

Charlotte is currently completing a 1000 hour training in Insight Herbalism. She has extensive experience introducing young people to nature through in-school gardening, community gardening and forest school. She leads foraging workshops London.

Charlotte works from north London and is offering 1:1 plant exploration sessions by donation, over zoom or in person. Further details through her website.

Fiona has been painting and dreaming with plants for over thirty years. She is walking the path of the Awenyddion, helping inspire and touch people through her artwork, plant guided meditations, ritual, essences and supporting people in designing wildlife herb gardens.

Fiona is completing her training in Insight Herbalism, which consolidates many years of reading, studying and being immersed in the world of medicinal plants. In sharing her love of plants she supports people emotionally and spiritually through her paintings, guiding plant connection and work with essences.

Fiona paints and exhibits in Chalford near Stroud. She offers 1:1 plant exploration sessions in person and over zoom. She holds an exhibition once a year – further details on her website.

Anja combines her practice of breathwork with herbalism, guiding people into deep relationships with plants through direct plant meetings and the potency of conscious breathwork. Anja loves creating safe spaces for the queer community.

Anja is in the process of completing her training in Insight Herbalism, which she draws on in conjunction with her professional training in Breathwork and previous training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Prior to entering the world of healing she completed a PhD in Primrose plant genetics.

Anja works in Brighton and offers breathwork and plant exploration sessions in person and over zoom.

Emily holds her connection to nature – and its intrinsic connection to our creativity, at the core of her life and her work. She works with guiding people back to their own sense of self knowledge, working with the plants for insight and support in many facets of life experiences.

Emily has a background in the arts, studying theatre in her early 20’s at Dartington College of Art, before running a heart felt childminding setting in Bristol for 10 years.

Emily is in the final stages of completing her apprenticeship in Insight Herbalism, and plans to carrying on deepening her plant studies working towards medical herbalism accreditation. She is also a qualified Qigong Teacher and Mentored Doula.

She is currently offering one to one Insight Herbalism Sessions on Zoom for donations, and is working in collaboration with other healing and artistic practitioners, sharing the plant wisdom.

Claire is an experienced dancer and movement facilitator who has recently started training in Insight Herbalism. She has always loved to move in nature, and to support others in doing so. Her training in Insight Herbalism brings in a new depth of somatic plant meetings through listening to and moving with the body’s own intelligence in response to nature.

Claire trained with Supraptro Suryodarmo and Sandra Reeve in Amerta movement and has a PhD in anthropology. She describes herself as an anthropologist, film maker and dancer. She is currently studying towards a 1000 hour training in Insight Herbalism.

Claire is based in Hackney, East London and offers 1:1 somatic and plant work in person and over zoom. She also offers group movement classes over zoom and outdoors whenever possible.

Sara believes plants offer a safe space to explore the root cause of illness that can often sit within our emotions, beliefs and past experiences. With an interest in trauma, she weaves together plant meetings with somatic awareness through movement and the felt sense of the body, to support people to re-member their innate body wisdom and engage in their own healing process towards emotional and physical well being. Sara is passionate about challenging the post-colonial narratives woven into western herbalism.

Sara is completing the Insight Herbalism training. She has worked with Nature connection in one way or another for over 13 years. Most of this has been working with vulnerable adults and homeless groups with a variety of mental health needs. From her work as a community gardener she has witness the intrinsic connection between nature and well-being, and seen how the somatic experience of reconnecting with nature can act as a mirror – reminding each individual who we are at our very core thus creating space to heal.

Sara is offering one to one sessions on zoom and in-person sessions in Nailsworth as Covid restrictions allow.

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