The plants meet humans simply, wherever we are at, when we trust them. They offer us reflections of ourselves with nature’s wisdom when we approach with an open heart. Whether we are stuck in rigid patterns and habitual ways of being; or we are out of touch with who we are and what we really want in our lives or we have been struggling to find an answer to a difficulty we have – in health, in relationship, in belonging they can illuminate, support and inspire acceptance and change.

When we open to vulnerability and connection with plants, we can be gifted so many things.

… Protection and sanctuary – safety to discover our own inner resource, our courage to carry on, to meet life’s challenges.

… Practical, physical assistance to nourish, to rebalance, to find vitality, to cleanse physically, emotionally, energetically.

… Invitations to be really present, really open to receiving what our bodies hold – memories, history, trauma and to what our bodies long for – rest, pleasure, sensuality, play.

… Inspiration – visions of what is possible in our lives, glimpses of a different way of being that will take us towards more health, vitality and joy in life.

… Challenges to the places in us that are hidden or stuck; the herbs reveal what needs to be loved inside of us. This could be wounded child, experiences we have buried, emotions we have disowned, needs we felt we weren’t allowed.

I can help you discover your own plant allies to support, nourish and heal you in your life.


Plant paths …. first steps

I offer support for you as you step out on the path of having plants in your life as supporters, guides and teachers.

You are invited to come with a question, an area of exploration, or intention. It could be around an ongoing health concern, like stress or an area of personal growth like more joy or confidence or a very open space to receive from the plants.

I work in a collaborative way, seeking to empower you and the natural healing processes, e can focus on learning ways to connect with plants, or the focus can be more on your inner enquiry and healing process or a combination of both. We will work together to create sessions tailored to you and your current life situation.

For those who are curious and seeking support and wisdom from plants.

Six Sessions with Rose – a journey of self discovery and empowerment for people who want to live their full selves with creativity, vitality and natural balance

Rose offers a doorway to our hearts. The beauty and simplicity of the bloom, the scent, the tea can open us, hold us, comfort us and support us to reconnect with our feeling life and physical body. Through this we can discover gentle power, heal old hurts and find our unique way to be in the world.

We journey together gathering insights and inspiration as Rose becomes an ally and friend to your quest in life.

Recent comments about Sessions with Rose are:

‘The feel of the sessions with Rose are of a gorgeous, spacious, delicious holding. A coming into more real relationship with my heart, a releasing into what is here.The sessions felt like a space to get clean internally, something of a wash of deep relaxation and trust and being with the world’
Ama, Stroud


 Group Workshops

All of my offerings are available to groups as well as in 1:1 sessions.

I am currently offering A Year With Plants, and monthly workshops at Sladebank Woods in Stroud. I am very open to tailor a workshop to any group of people who would like to experience plants in this way.

I came to the plants through my own history of longstanding physical, mental and emotional health difficulties. What has been revealed as I work with them is the connection of these with early childhood medical trauma.

The plants have supported me to become more embodied in my life, grow my sensitivity and learn to trust my heart. I am now dedicated to sharing them with anyone who wants to learn from them, heal with them and brings an open hearted love and respect to that relationship.

I see my work as contributing to the changes that need to happen, that we are all faced with in our lives and at a species level. The more that people can tune into and live from their own natural wisdom the more we can rebalance the world. The more people can live freely, as their own unique selves the more we challenge the hierarchies and boxes our society places us in. The more we grow to trust and love the deep, the wild, the intuitive, the playful, the pleasurable, the quiet, the spirals and soul the more we rebalance towards our natural care for each other and the planet.



It was utterly wonderful working with Hettie. I had a deep sense of trust, a feeling that she’s the real deal – deeply experienced, tuned in, sensitive, open, with so much kindness and warmth – supporting powerful and profound transformation. I always feel amazing – softer and wiser, leaving a session with Hettie. Ama, Stroud.

Hettie’s loving, gentle presence enabled me to open my heart to Rose and parts of myself I don’t usually give attention to. Her questions lead me deeper into my own experience at a pace that was safe for my mind and body. I am grateful to Hettie for being an inspiring guide on this magical journey in plant connection. Thank you. Emily, Victoria, Canada

I felt equal and capable, as an enquirer on a journey. Working with Hettie and Rose brought me powerful insights and invitation, through perfectly guided sessions. There was time for grounding, for journeying and for gentle returning home with knowledge and opportunity, I feel very lucky to have found this work and have had the privilege of working with Hettie as I find my way in the world. Carla Danielle Knight, Kent

Hettie offers 1:1 plant meetings both online and in person in Stroud and at Ruskin Apothecary in Nailsworth. She also loves to offer in group settings, online or in person.

07725 190109

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