Insight Herbalism

Procedure for disciplinary council

  1. Any concerns or complaints that may need support, discernment or the invoking of a disciplinary procedure should be made to the General Secretary (Emily Taylor 2021).
  2. The General Secretary will contact the parties involved to clarify the situation.
  3. If possible, the issue will be resolved at this point, with the help of one of the directors of the Foundation for Insight Herbalism.
  4. If there is a serious breach of the Code of Ethics a full council (minimum 3 members) will be called. Any discussions are open to any members to observe should they wish. This process will happen within a month after the initial concern being raised. During this process the member will be asked to present their case.
  5. Depending on the seriousness of the issue, this council may:

(a) Give advice and recommendations alongside evidence of further training to be completed in a specified time limit. Membership may continue with supervision for a specified time period. The member may be asked to contribute financially to their own supervision and pay for any training the council feels necessary.

(b) Suspension of membership from 6 to 24 months

(c) Contribute towards costs of this procedure to an amount not in excess of £500 (e.g. to recompense council for any costs incurred, travel, extra time needed for case review) Any fee will be agreed only by unanimous decision by the council.

(c) Removal of membership, with the right to reapply within 1 to 3 years (as determined by the council) as long as any legal justice related to the case is not outstanding.

Any appeals can be made and a new council of a minimum of 3 members will consider the appeal. The judgement of this second appeal council would be considered final.